Fan Art Contest!

Hey Poptropicans! What’s up (please don’t say sky :P) UiPE (on the PHB) announced that he’s having a fan art contest! The winners will get a Poptropica meme, and 1st place gets not only a meme but a logo to use anywhere AND the art will be his Gravatar profile! So take part in the fun before it ends on October 9th. For more details, go to for more info! Pop on!

–PW (•ᴥ•)  <— it’s a wolf!!


Who’s Ready for a Pixel Party?

What’s up guys? The PHB (Poptropica Help Blog) is throwing an 8th birthday bash, and we’re all invited! Will you see me there? Answer: Duh. Why not be there? And I will be the person behind the screen doing this after winning…ewinfingersgif

My Rank

Hey Poptropicans, today I want to tell you my (shameful) stats. It starts with this website, of course. My highest amount of visitors a day has been 8. Now, my very shameful self rank in completing Early Poptropica: 4,000!! UUUGH!!! I beat it in under 5 minutes (not counting time it takes to pass Main Street)!! Ya know, I think that’s enough for today. LEAVE NOW (tsundere mode). angry taiga

–Popular Wolf


Hey, my Poppers!! Poptropica has recently turned 8! So to celebr8, Poptropica is doing a contest. World finishers for the fastest time to complete Early Poptropica (the easiest island ever), and here’s the cherry on top: the birthday balloon challenge is back! It’s available in all the common rooms. Find the 8 balloon, and you’ll get a prize– 8-bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power!! Happy Birthd8, Poptropica! Pop on!