Coming Saturday





okay sorry I’m good now.

But, yes, it comes out hecking Saturday! I’m compiling everything and editing more junk. The art is already changing and I’m not even more than 5 pages in, oops ^^;



Wolff’s Bane is not intended for younger audiences. It is a darker fan series delving into the twisted pasts of many characters, canon and fan made. Some mature themes involved in the series include:

  • Gorey and frightening scenes, i.e. executions and mass murders
  • Offensive terms
  • Partial nudity
  • Disturbing mental breakdowns
  • Extreme representations of fears
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Suicide
  • Some crude language

If you are uncomfortable with one or more of these themes, I recommend you avoid reading Wolff’s Bane. It gets messed up quick. Just a warning, kiddos.

My most sincere apologies for everything that’s about to happen, my dear. *cough*miNOR REFERENCE *cough*




Resurrect the Sun– Er, PWPD

(I have been on a music binge pardon me)

Heeey guys! PW here. I know PWPD is deader than Harambe, but I’m alive and my drawings definitely are. And thank the sweet cheese curd in the sky they’re better!

Brace yourselves for what boredom does to me Continue reading “Resurrect the Sun– Er, PWPD”

Expected Release Dates

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. Finally, the highly anticipated Wolff’s Bane series will be released during the first week of March! The first three pages will be released then, and then the series will be serialized weekly on a separate blog I’m building that will have lots of other of my doodles, comics, stories, and ideas, as well as animations, scrapped story boards, and voice clips.
I know this is short, but it’ll be worth the wait. Hopefully better than New Pop haha

Anyway, toodles~


All Aboard the Hype Train


Heeeyyy guys, PW here. Why title this hype train and make bad train puns?

Because Wolff’s Bane part one is to be released soon.

Whether you’re excited or not, I’ve been working on this story for more than two years, plus the animations Periastron and The Nothing. I also have a first person POV mini animation series I’ve been planning for a bit, which will probably be released when all of this is over.

I can’t wait for you guys to read this! I’ve been working so hard to make this series and now it’s all coming together. I’ll be posting it on my PicsArt, too, along with concept art and rough drafts of the story, both new and old. I recommend you follow me on here.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting for me to finish. I work slow and keep second guessing my story, which is why it’s two years in the making 😛



A Wild Change of Plans has Appeared!

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. So. I’m renovating my YouTube and working on like 4 videos right now to post :3 Plus, I have my school work and junk, so the animation will be put. On. Hold.

Now, not like forever. My plan is just to release the Wolff’s Bane series before hand. I already have the rough drafts for the entire story line, plus extensions and random plans. The new map is almost done, and all I need to do is do everything digitally.

So, I plan on making a new blog just for the series, plus the two animations. Hopefully there will be more than that, but you never know. The comic will most likely be released weekly starting in late February.

Sorry for the sudden change, but you know how life is. Thanks for the constant support, guys. I will be putting you in Wolff’s Bane. A few of you have some big roles 😉



Madame Wolff’s Shack of Love

Greetings and salutations, my dear. I sincerely hope you have had an amazing holiday/holidays… Happy New Year as well. Considering that Valentines Day is coming up, I, Madame Petra “Popular” Wolff, have opened up my shack! If you are an unlucky-in-love Poptropican, you have a chance to meet your mùirn beatha dàn… So if you want to meet your OTP character, leave a a comment below.

I put much time, effort, and thought into finding someone who could be your OTP ❤

Please leave your Poptropican’s age, name, interests, personality, and any other information as irrelevant as birthday or eye color 🙂

Good luck to you all, and haaaaappy birthday to the amazing Tall Cactus’s blog!



(P.S…. still working on the animations :3 probably going to revive PWPD and other junks to bring this blog back to its former glory)