Heeeyyy guys, PW here (2 posts in a day, holy bajeesus).

I know the hype for WB is getting bigger now that I started posting it, but you know what would be great? If you guys starred in it, characters, ships, and all.


So comment below with every bit of info of your character, and send me an Avatar Studio link with the outfit you want.



(if you’re already in just give me extra info :3)


Author: Popular Wolf

Eyyy, kids. PW here! I'm just another fan blogger with big goals. I am an aspiring artist, animator, programmer, writer... Anything creative to keep my gears turning! I am a huge fan girl, and I'm anime-obsessed (and I mean o b s e s s e d). I love manga, sci-fi, kung-fu flicks, deep psychological movies, basically *anything* fantasy, and fiction (preferably magic... yeah, I'm a Potter head). I love to listen to Incubus, Andy Black, David Bowie, The Cranberries, Gackt, Evanescence, Black Veil Brides, BTS, Kittie, Otep, Linkin Park, Love and Death, and Green Day for my music. Ummm yeah OwO Now I've spilled my guts about myself, so seeya. Current phase: Camelot (MORDREEEED) Current favorite shows: Bungo Stray Dogs, RWBY, Barakamon, One Punch Man Current favorite manga: Library Wars, Requiem of the Rose King, Blank Slate, Wolf Children, One Piece Current favorite meme: Italian hands and ya like jazz

36 thoughts on “I WANT YOU”

                1. Nah, it’s cool.
                  Name: E Lucky Wing. (That’s sort of her real name. Ish… Ah NM….)
                  Age: Barely 19, though you can change it if you want.
                  Appearance: Green hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, wings, in short, my profile pictures.
                  Personality: Happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, ready for things, very loyal and accepting. Downsides are unsure of herself, rather insecure, worries about everything.
                  Talents: Quick talker, charismatic, Can fight somewhat, fairly good with tech.
                  There you go! Is there anything else you needs for this?

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      1. Okay, so here’s the info:

        A brief backstory: Cuddly used to live in Spy Island with Director D as his father, until DD came up with his plans to vaporize all the hair. Cuddly came up with his own plans to foil DD’s evil plan, and when they finally met, they both fought for the world, and while fighting, Cuddly’s handsome hair was vaporized, but he didn’t give up. He continued fighting DD and finally defeated him. Cuddly finally got his hair back, but unfortunately it became very ugly and his eyes strangely turned from brown to gray, and Cuddly was nervous that he would be humiliated in public. He had to put his shades and hat on to hide his now- strange and ugly appearance every time he went on an adventure on his blimp.

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