Much Animation Very Wow

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. You deserve to know what’s been going on, and now it’s official:

I’m working on the animation! winfingersgif

What have I been doing? What’s really going to happen on this first animation? Read on, my faithful followers!

Yeah, it took me forever to start. But that’s because I’ve been fleshing out my ideas and finalizing everything. I have the story board and script for part one, the story board for part two, and I’m finishing up the story for part three, which may be broken up into three seasons with multiple episodes in each. And, I have the sound tracks and several more voices to add to the crew!

So, the first animation will probably be about 20 to 30 minutes long. I have the characters and story all set up. Just gotta buy a new mic….

Anyway! The first animation is titled “Periastron.” This takes place about 12 years before Petra Wolff (PW) was born (she’s 17 now). The world of Periastron (Poptropica) is being swept by a revolt against the government of the continents. The legendary island in the sky is falling. And among the chaos, a… er, “hero” rises. Her name is Spitsy “Speedy” Walker. Join her as she and her new made friend, Blaze, as they journey to the fallen islands, discovering the secrets of their world.

As weird as it seems, part one explains the creation of the United World Government (UWG, or UGH, as Petra calls it). From part one, we go into part two, “Nothing.”

Yes, it’s really named “Nothing.” From this 15 to 25 minute story, set about 7 years before Petra (BP) you’ll hopefully gain an understanding about Zeus (Dr. Jupiter), the government, Octavian, and one of the members of PW’s squad (if I reveal the name it’ll spoil too much!).

And finally, part three. All you need to know is that it’ll probably be broken up into episodes and that I’m learning the program I hope to use to animate it with. This takes place in current Periastron, starring Petra, Mordred, Florence, Funkfreed, Kip, Daisy, Cornelia, and the mystery member. This is the series where you guys make your cameos 😉

I hope this is enough info for y’all.




Author: Popular Wolf

Eyyy, kids. PW here! I'm just another fan blogger with big goals. I am an aspiring artist, animator, programmer, writer... Anything creative to keep my gears turning! I am a huge fan girl, and I'm anime-obsessed (and I mean o b s e s s e d). I love manga, sci-fi, kung-fu flicks, deep psychological movies, basically *anything* fantasy, and fiction (preferably magic... yeah, I'm a Potter head). I love to listen to Incubus, Andy Black, David Bowie, The Cranberries, Gackt, Evanescence, Black Veil Brides, BTS, Kittie, Otep, Linkin Park, Love and Death, and Green Day for my music. Ummm yeah OwO Now I've spilled my guts about myself, so seeya. Current phase: Camelot (MORDREEEED) Current favorite shows: Bungo Stray Dogs, RWBY, Barakamon, One Punch Man Current favorite manga: Library Wars, Requiem of the Rose King, Blank Slate, Wolf Children, One Piece Current favorite meme: Italian hands and ya like jazz

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