Well, Time to AoT this Project


Heeeyyy guys, PW here. So, my Attack on Titan reference. First off, I hate the anime/manga, so let’s not get into conversations about it. Secondly, I’m further delaying my animation. Yuppppp…. And for several reasons.

  1. I’m using Clip Studio EX, which only allows up to 24 frames, which is not enough.
  2. I’m saving up for Moho Studio 12, which will make my life SOOOO much easier.
  3. The story line is still being changed.
  4. Buying a better mic, because when you’re cheap and buy a $30 mic, it’s gonna break.
  5. Finding more voice actors, ’cause there’s a lot of characters.

Sorry ’bout that, guys. But this’ll be worth the wait (I hope…), and will actually come out, unlike certain fan projects (*cough*ORBLEGEND*cough* {don’t mean to be rude… but it’s true}). Once I get Moho 12 (and figure it out), I’ll notify you guys and probably make a release calendar. SORRY FOR THE HOLD-UP




Author: Popular Wolf

Eyyy, kids. PW here! I'm just another fan blogger with big goals. I am an aspiring artist, animator, programmer, writer... Anything creative to keep my gears turning! I am a huge fan girl, and I'm anime-obsessed (and I mean o b s e s s e d). I love manga, sci-fi, kung-fu flicks, deep psychological movies, basically *anything* fantasy, and fiction (preferably magic... yeah, I'm a Potter head). I love to listen to Incubus, Andy Black, David Bowie, The Cranberries, Gackt, Evanescence, Black Veil Brides, BTS, Kittie, Otep, Linkin Park, Love and Death, and Green Day for my music. Ummm yeah OwO Now I've spilled my guts about myself, so seeya. Current phase: Camelot (MORDREEEED) Current favorite shows: Bungo Stray Dogs, RWBY, Barakamon, One Punch Man Current favorite manga: Library Wars, Requiem of the Rose King, Blank Slate, Wolf Children, One Piece Current favorite meme: Italian hands and ya like jazz

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