Guys, I REALLY Need Help

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. So, recently, my life has been crazy and stressful. So, obviously, I haven’t been giving my blog the TLC it needs. So, please please please please PLEASE check out my help needed page. There, you can sign up to be an author.

Thanks guys, and I promise I’ll update soon. Sorry ’bout that.

BTW, Pancakes? YOU’RE FIRED. ❤

See ya l8r, Poptropi-g8rs.



Author: Popular Wolf

Eyyy, kids. PW here! I'm just another fan blogger with big goals. I am an aspiring artist, animator, programmer, writer... Anything creative to keep my gears turning! I am a huge fan girl, and I'm anime-obsessed (and I mean o b s e s s e d). I love manga, sci-fi, kung-fu flicks, deep psychological movies, basically *anything* fantasy, and fiction (preferably magic... yeah, I'm a Potter head). I love to listen to Incubus, Andy Black, David Bowie, The Cranberries, Gackt, Evanescence, Black Veil Brides, BTS, Kittie, Otep, Linkin Park, Love and Death, and Green Day for my music. Ummm yeah OwO Now I've spilled my guts about myself, so seeya. Current phase: Camelot (MORDREEEED) Current favorite shows: Bungo Stray Dogs, RWBY, Barakamon, One Punch Man Current favorite manga: Library Wars, Requiem of the Rose King, Blank Slate, Wolf Children, One Piece Current favorite meme: Italian hands and ya like jazz

10 thoughts on “Guys, I REALLY Need Help”

        1. Hey bro, fill this out and email it to me at
          Heeeeyyy, Scratch! So, thanks for submitting a help form :3 Just gotta ask ya a few questions…
          1) What can you do to help run this blog?
          2) Any special skills?
          3) Would you be willing to help out with big projects?
          4) Can you draw well?
          Please provide examples for 2 and 4.
          Thanks m8!


          1. 1: story posts, news stuff, etc
            2: Writing stories, googling things, trying hard (TAOTB on the PHI and all my stories on Wattpad @ScratchStep)
            3: Yep.
            4: Not too bad, I guess. (Gimme a few hours and I’ll give you my best design)


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