Heeeyyy guys!! PW is back :))) A lot of things happened while I was gone, so let’s begin!

-Monkey Wrench island, the new tutorial island, came out and it is sooo easy! Play it if you haven’t.

-New ads, including the ever-creepy Lalaloopsy thingies.

-Monkeys from Monkey Wrench are roaming the streets of Poptropica, check it out!

-A Valentines day photo booth came and went, and a Mystery of the Map one followed.

-A brand-spanking-new MotM graphic novel came out, and it’s different from both the island and the original comic.

I think that about sums up February 😛 Thanks for standing by, guys. You have no idea what it means.





Author: Popular Wolf

Eyyy, kids. PW here! I'm just another fan blogger with big goals. I am an aspiring artist, animator, programmer, writer... Anything creative to keep my gears turning! I am a huge fan girl, and I'm anime-obsessed (and I mean o b s e s s e d). I love manga, sci-fi, kung-fu flicks, deep psychological movies, basically *anything* fantasy, and fiction (preferably magic... yeah, I'm a Potter head). I love to listen to Incubus, Andy Black, David Bowie, The Cranberries, Gackt, Evanescence, Black Veil Brides, BTS, Kittie, Otep, Linkin Park, Love and Death, and Green Day for my music. Ummm yeah OwO Now I've spilled my guts about myself, so seeya. Current phase: Camelot (MORDREEEED) Current favorite shows: Bungo Stray Dogs, RWBY, Barakamon, One Punch Man Current favorite manga: Library Wars, Requiem of the Rose King, Blank Slate, Wolf Children, One Piece Current favorite meme: Italian hands and ya like jazz

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